Norrhydro is world class hydraulic cylinder manufactor


Norrhydro: A company you can count on

Norrhydro has made hydraulic cylinders for more than 30 years. During that time, we’ve built up a body of knowledge that goes far beyond manufacturing and sales, and it’s now helping us shape the future of our industry.

We've acquired strong professional skills regarding nearly all cylinder usage points and the development of customer-orientated solutions. Our own NorrDigi™ product family is a revolution in hydraulic technology.

Norrhydro was founded in 1985. The company is based in Rovaniemi where the management, administration and cylinder production lines are located. Tampere unit is responsible for product development of the NorrDigiTM product family.

The company is now experiencing a time of heavy growth and internationalization. Today, Norrhydro has approximately 130 employees.


Our Mission

The objective is to solve linear power problems in machines and equipment in a customer-oriented and ecological way. This is accomplished by manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, energy-saving hydraulic solutions, intelligent motion control, and related services. The company's operations are profitable. We take pride in improving our customers competitiveness, providing a safe and forward-moving environment for our personnel and, as a result, enjoying a favorable development of the share-owner value.


Norrhydro has over 30 years of experience in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

Values guiding our operations

The values that guide our operations are passion and empathy, excellence, integrity, creativity and perseverance.

Passion and empathy is core value of Norrhydro 


Passion and Empathy

We have high passion towards our work, co-workers and our company. We pledge to keep our promises. We love to help and know when and how to ask for help. Passion and empathy is in our core nature.



Excellence shows in everything we do at Norrhydro 




We strive for continuous learning and improvement. We are professional in everything we do. Excellence leads the
way we work.



Integrity is a way of working for us at Norrhydro 



We show trust and respect towards each other and everyone we work with. Our methods of working and communicating are transparent, equal and fair. Respecting the environment is pivotal in our everyday work. Integrity is fundamental to everyone of us. 


Creativity is a cornerstone of our processes 



We always search for innovative approaches and excellent customer solutions. We actively seek new processes and methods of working. Creativity is a highway to shaping the future of the industry.



Perseverance stands out from our Finnish roots  



We tackle every challenge with our tenacious nature. Perseverance stands out from our Finnish roots and carries onto our determined ways to find the best solution for our customers.






Norrhydro has a strong knowledge of hydraulic cylinders
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