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Remarkable increase of production capacity and reduction of CO2 emissions with 15MEUR factory project – Norrhydro Oy invests in Rovaniemi.

Apr 26, 2021 8:06:10 AM / by Norrhydro

Norrhydro Oy will start a factory project worth approx. 15 million euro, which will enable doubling the current production capacity, once all the investments have been completed. In the first step the production capacity will be increased with 30% and CO2 emissions will be reduced even with 20% annually, compared to current factory. The new production facility will be built in the new industry area of Rovaniemi and the site will enable nearly 4 times higher capacity in long term than the current capacity. The construction work is supposed to start in May 2021 and the relocation of the production into the new facility will happen during the year 2022. Within the next years Norrhydro will create over 100 new industrial jobs in Rovaniemi along the new production facility and increased capacity in Rovaniemi within the next years.

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Norrhydro Oy has signed a contract with Lehto Toimitilat Oy to build the new production facility in Rovaniemi. The new world class production facility will support the innovation of digital hydraulics, in addition to the current high-end hydraulic cylinder production, which is also under continuous development.

The new production facility will support Norrhydro’s growth into the international market. Especially digital solutions, such as NorrDigiTM, are expected to grow remarkably during the next coming years.

“Our goal is to more than double our turnover until 2025”, says Yrjö Trög, CEO of Norrhydro Oy. “So far, our annual growth has been in average about 10%”, he tells.

When designing the new facility, especially the requirements of the production for hydraulic cylinders and NorrDigiTM have been taken into consideration very carefully. On top of automation, there are plenty of special features that have to be taken care of in hydraulic cylinder production facility, for example related to cleanliness, floor carrying capacity and production defibrillation. Flexible moving of the machines in the production premises is important, as well as utilisation of overhead crane rail both inside and outside. Work safety is already on a high level in the current factory, but the safety will be even further improved in the new production facility.

The outside premises have been designed for handling, processing and warehousing long material in weatherproof conditions. The roof structure has been designed to enable the possibility to install and use solar panels and the HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system will re-utilise the heat borne in the production. These solutions are an example how the new production facility underlines and supports the mission and vision of Norrhydro to offer environmentally friendly solutions for their customers and this way ensure cleaner environment for the next generations. Norrhydro will furthermore apply for LEED-certificate for the new facility, which takes into consideration e.g. environmentally friendly construction of the facility itself as well as carbon footprint of the building.

The increase of productivity as well as new production technologies are extremely important to support the remarkable growth targets of the company. The investment includes both the construction of the production facility as well as new machines and equipment.

The new production facility of Norrhydro is a significant employer already in the construction phase in Rovaniemi and even in Lapland, but also in the future as the facility is ready and working.



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