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Norrhydro 35 years – Our story

Oct 1, 2020 5:52:34 AM / by Norrhydro posted in Norrhydro


Our story began in 1985 when a group of fifteen hydraulics professionals acquired a local hydraulic cylinder manufacturer’s business operations and machinery, and founded a new company. This was the beginning of Norrhydro.

As part of the acquisition, the new company gained the long-standing customer relationships of the previous company. This gave the company a smooth start. 

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How to select a reliable hydraulic cylinder supplier? – 5 key questions for every purchasing manager

Sep 24, 2020 8:45:53 AM / by Norrhydro posted in Norrhydro, Hydraulics


Selecting new strategic suppliers for mission-critical technology, such as hydraulic cylinders in demanding environments, is a challenging and time-consuming process.

When a suitable supplier is found, the partnership is typically formed for the long term, as anything less could mean considerable costs as well as risks. So how to best identify the right kind of supplier for long-term partnership early on in the process?

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Meet Anniina Piira-Wendeler

Jun 15, 2020 3:00:00 PM / by Norrhydro








Our team is getting stronger. Anniina Piira-Wendeler has started at Norrhydro as our new Director of Sales & Marketing. She has almost 20 years’ experience from automotive industry in Germany. Most of the time she spent in Sales but also in other areas, e.g. in Program Management. ”Which gives a good mix to have a complete picture of the business and processes related to it”, Anniina says.

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About COVID-19 situation

May 26, 2020 9:38:19 AM / by Norrhydro

Due Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation some companies have closed factories in Europe. This has had negative effect to availability of components and this has caused difficulties for some Finnish companies. For us availability of materials and components has been good. So far our production line has been producing normally without any effect of COVID-19. We have made availability of components sure by machine investments and buffering raw materials during this spring. In addition, our supplier network has reported that so far there are no problems considering availability of materials that are needed.

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