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NorrDigi engineering team is getting stronger

Jun 11, 2021 9:01:20 AM / by Norrhydro

The Norrhydro Product Development Team in Tampere was reinforced in June as an Italian mechanical engineer Ashley Delizzos started working for us.

Having recently graduated from the University of Parma (Italy), Ashley's first contact with Finland was while he completed an internship at Tampere University and Aalto University for his master's thesis. His interest in hydraulics increased after doing a thesis on the hydraulic model of an excavator. “I am amazed how only by moving fluid in a timely manner it is possible to move a complex machine like an excavator”, explains Ashley.

Enthusiastic young engineer fell in love with Finland and decided to start a new life here. It was the beautiful nature with its many lakes and forests and the kind and polite Finns that attracted his attention at first.

“In addition, I like the efficient way of working in this country, where people strive to create environmentally friendly products and solutions”, describes Ashley his feelings. However, there is one thing that he says he still needs time to get used to, and that is the Finnish weather, where it's possible to experience all four seasons in one day!


Ashley is keen to work in the research and development sector. The topic that he keeps most at heart in hydraulic solutions is the possibility of being able to use the energy more efficiently. This further leads to the possibility of reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

“I am also interested in the possibility of using a hybrid solution instead of the conventional hydraulic one. Participating in a project leading to the creation of an environmentally friendly solution would be a dream come true for me”, he says.

Ashley appreciates having a team that helps you to grow professionally as well as an environment that allows you to enhance your social and technological skills. “I believe that working at Norrhydro will provide me with a diversified view of the way engineering work can be done as well as valuable experience in the field that interests me the most; the world of hydraulics” sums Ashley.



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