Application areas for Norrhydro solutions

Application areas

Application areas for our hydraulic solutions 

We have developed specific application knowledge in many demanding industries. Our solutions go beyond the product itself. They take into consideration all aspects, including installation, environment, service and lifetime expectations.

Our product design is highly customized to make the most economical sense. 

We have more than ten years of experience in making multi-chamber cylinders, which coupled with our patented control system provides documented fuel savings of 45–60 %! This is simply revolutionary. We call it NorrDigiTM!



Norrhydro is tailoring high performance hydraulic solutions


The world's leading forestry machinery manufacturers rely on Norrhydro's cylinders. Our solutions are used for all the machine functions, from the base machine; steering, safety, stability and suspension functions, to the crane and harvester head or grapple.


"In cooperation with our partners we have developed energy saving and cushioning features within the forestry line."

Higher durability and reliability by connecting new type of crane stick cylinder and lifting cylinder.

Increased productivity and reliability of machine by using maintenance free harvesting head cylinder without any weld seam on cylinder structure.

Cylinders are user friendly and reliable due to field tested and simulated end cushioning solution.

We have Increased cylinder life time and result is minimized downtime of machine. This is done by providing high corrosion resistance and induction hardened rod material.

Easy and quick maintenance of cylinders due to bolted cylinder head on crane cylinders.

Material Handling

Norrhydro's cylinders are used in heavy duty material handling machinery around the world. Reliability and safety mean everything and energy savings play a key role in this segment. Many machines operate 24/7/365 and in harsh environments, from arctic cold to tropical heat. Snow, dust, salt and mechanical abuse are normal elements. Our solutions are tailored to meet the toughest requirements, while reducing the operating costs! 


"The multi-chamber cylinders coupled with accumulators reduce the effective weight of the boom structure and reduces the energy requirement by
35 %!"

Higher productivity and reduced maintenance costs due to tested solutions of cylinder structure, surface treatment and corrosion resistance of piston rod.

Heavily reduced fuel consumption achieved by multi-chamber cylinders and accumulated energy during lowering the boom, and utilizing energy storage when lifting boom.

Minimized environmental risks in case of hydraulic system damage by using proved BIO-OIL seal solutions.

Higher loading capacity and productivity by using lighter cylinders with special steel structures.

Construction Equipment

Norrhydro cylinder solutions are used in e.g. in pile-driving machines, drilling machines and earthmoving equipment. Our solutions cope with the toughest environments and stand the test of time, again and again


"Cylinder lengths can be more than 10 meters in this segment."

Safe operation achieved by using integrated linear sensors in mast tilt cylinders.

Increased piling capacity and productivity achieved by extra long cylinders with buckling support function.

Best results and durable solutions achieved by continuous improvements and close Partnership model between Customer and Norrhydro.

Marine & Offshore

Decades of experience from marine cylinders give us an advantage in creating the right solution for You. We have developed and applied our cylinders for steering, hatch cover, locking, ramp, crane, and water jet solutions. We work closely with all the major classification societies: BV, DNV, GL, LR, ABS, RINA, KR, NK, CCS, RS.


"These marine cylinders were designed to simplify the installation and provide exceptional corrosion resistance for use on waterjets for Military and Coast Guard vessels."  

Extra long life-time of seals by using grease control system on cylinder head.

Disabled environmental risks in case of possible oil leakage is result of Oil Control System in cylinders.


Large scale mining machinery have a lot of potential for energy saving, that we can answer with the NorrDigiTM solution – a remarkable evolution in hydraulic technology.


"We have created also more robust cylinder solution to mining loader equipment. Our Service Team is capable to make maintenance for large mining machinery cylinders."

Uninterrupted mining process is possible by using cylinders with induction hardened piston rods and modern seal solutions.

10x increased cylinder life-time and improved mining process productivity achieved by analyzing and changing weak points on cylinder structure.

Energy Storage

The high-pressure piston accumulators have integrated sensors to provide accurate data on the stored energy content.

High-pressure piston accumulators 



"These accumulators provide better power management and higher efficiency of all hydraulic systems, in particular the NorrDigiTM." 

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