Norrhydro hydraulic cylinder solutions


Norrhydro hydraulic cylinder solutions 

We specialize in solutions for demanding motion control systems, including highly specialized hydraulic cylinders. Regardless if you're looking for a component or a complete systems solution, we will put our engineering resources and 30 years of experience in linear motion hybrid technology to work for You. 

We have invested heavily in the latest design tools and can perform advanced calculations and simulations to quickly optimize and tailor Your design. We perform verifying tests in our advanced lab in Tampere, to make sure that theory and practice meet. 

Our combined experience from the toughest applications will provide exceptional results. 

Let us work together on Your next opportunity!



Linear motion control systems and hydraulic cylinders

Norrhydro hydraulic cylinders

With our 30 years of experience in linear motion hybrid technology, we develop and manufacture linear motion control systems and hydraulic cylinders for demanding applications.


Norrdigi energy-saving digital hydraulics technology

NorrDigiTM – The energy-efficient future of hydraulics

The revolutionary, energy-saving digital hydraulics technology providing a documented improvement of 45-60% in fuel efficiency and 5-12% in productivity.


Norrhydro certificates