We specialise in solutions for extreme motion control systems.

Our hydraulic solutions are in use in many different industries, e.g. forestry, material handling, construction equipment, marine and offshore, mining and energy storage.

Norrhydro is known for its comprehensive total service. As an expert of our own branch, we develop efficient technology in co-operation with our clients. We are happy to find your application the best hydraulic solution! 



The world leading forestry machinery manufacturers use Norrhydro cylinders. Our solutions are used in e.g. cranes, harvester heads and basic machinery. 


"In cooperation with our partners we have developed energy saving and cushioning features within the forestry line."

Material Handling

Norrhydro cylinders are used in heavy duty material handling machinery. Energy saving plays a key role in this segment, which we tackle with a multi-chamber cylinder solution that is developed in cooperation with our customers. 



"The multi-chamber cylinders coupled with accumulators reduce the effective weight of the boom structure and reduces the energy requirement by
35 %!"

Construction Equipment

Norrhydro cylinder solutions are used in e.g. in pile-driving machines, drilling machines and earthmovers. 


"The cylinder lengths are even over 10 meters in this segment."

Marine & Offshore

We have decades of experience from manufacturing marine cylinders. We have developed applications such as steering, hatch cover, locking, ramp, crane, and water jet cylinders. Classification Societies: BV, DNV, GL, LR, ABS, RINA, KR, NK, CCS, RS.



"These marine cylinders were designed to simplify the installation and provide exceptional corrosion resistance for use on waterjets for Military and Coast Guard vessels."  


Large scale mining machinery have a lot of potential for energy saving, that we can answer with the NorrDigiTM solution – a remarkable evolution in hydraulic technology.


"We have created also more robust cylinder solution to mining loader equipment. Our Service Team is capable to make maintenance for large mining machinery cylinders."

Energy Storage

The high pressure piston accumulators have integrated sensors to provide accurate data on the stored energy content.




"These accumulators provide better power management and higher efficiency of all hydraulic systems, in particular the NorrDigiTM."