Your Partner in Success 

We believe in partnering with our suppliers and our customers for the long term. Through the long-term commitments, we can together create the solutions of tomorrow and make the necessary investments to stay competitive.

We're open to creating new business models that will improve our joint efficiency and profitability. In the end, Partnerships pay off – they benefit the whole chain and create more satisfied end users.

Let's discuss these opportunities further. Please select the type of partnership you are interested in and contact us:



New innovations and competitiveness through co-operation

In our partnership model, we take the co-operation to a deeper level. Our departments and client´s organization manage development projects directly and independently.

Partnership creates the framework for versatile cooperation that benefits both parties with regard to the reliability of deliveries, delivery times and costs. At best, partnership becomes concrete in generating practical solutions that bring more efficiency to the client’s operations.


High-Quality Service and Maintenance

We have over three decades of experience in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, service, maintenance and modification. Cylinder maintenance and repair operations are carried out independently alongside our contract manufacturing and are available to our partner clients only.

The cornerstones of our unique and multifaceted service include a reliable supply of spare parts as well as customer-tailored product development and upgrading. Long-term partnerships signify benefits to both parties, since they enable us to standardize our operations and even to cut costs.