Your Partner for High-Quality Service and Maintenance

Norrhydro has over two decades’ experience in hydraulic cylinder service, maintenance and modification. Cylinder maintenance and repair operations are carried out independently alongside our contract manufacturing.

Long-term relations create the framework for versatile cooperation that benefits both parties with regard to the reliability of deliveries, delivery times and costs. At best, partnership becomes concrete in generating practical solutions that bring more efficiency to the client’s operations.

Client Benefits

  • Genuine strategic partnerships benefitting both parties
  • Reliability
  • The skill and will to develop existing products
  • Open flow of information
  • Savings in operation and logistic costs

The cornerstones of our unique and multifaceted service include a reliable supply of spare parts as well as customer-tailored product development and upgrading. Long-term partnerships signify benefits to both parties, since they enable us to standardize our operations and even to cut costs.

Examples of delivery times

New maintenance targets:

  • totally new cylinder: 6–8 weeks
  • piston rod: 4–6 weeks, chroming by a subcontractor
  • with a rod in store, max. D 125 mm, 2–4 days
  • cylinder tube (material tube): 6–8 weeks
  • honed tube in store, max. D 180 / 210 mm, approx. 1 week

Critical maintenance measures are always agreed on case-specifically, service and maintenance even during the same day.

Cylinder improvements

Norrhydro has proposed and implemented various improvements to customers’ cylinders, for example:

  • Use of round steel as the gasket housing material in order to obtain higher strength.
  • Increasing the cylinder tube wall thickness by 5 mm for greater compression strength.
  • Installing pressure measurement points in cylinders for more specific analyses and monitoring of pressure variation during the process.