NorrDigiTM intelligent fluid condition management

The NorrDigi™ intelligent fluid control management provides not only improved filtration of the hydraulic system during operation, but also a unique feature: the complete flushing of the hydraulic system on demand or automatically, after the service operation or during startup. No additional pipes, hoses, or valves are needed.

With NorrDigi™ intelligent fluid control management, the existing filtration solution of a machine can be used – with the help of the common pressure rail – to clean all the oil capacity. The filtration process for the accumulators and common pressure rail can even be carried out while holding a load.

New features of the NorrDigi™ intelligent fluid condition management

  • No need for any add-on hydraulic flushing equipment for hydraulic system filtration. Only the basic NorrDigi™ product platform with common pressure rail is needed.
  • Needs only the common return filter of an existing hydraulic system.
  • The integrated control valves of actuators can be used for controlling flushing flow.

The NorrDigi™ intelligent fluid condition management is based on – and always automatically included in – the standard NorrDigi™ product platform.

Main benefits of the NorrDigi™ intelligent fluid condition management

  • After each service operation or during startup, flushing can be set to run automatically.
  • Filtration class improved compared to existing systems.
  • Extended lifetime for components.
  • When trouble shooting, single damaged components can be found using the filtration process.

The NorrDigi™ intelligent motion control solution does not need an improved filtration class for the oil, but it can provide it.