NorrDigiTM System Solution

- Saving energy with intelligent power management

  • Automatic energy recovery and recycling
  • Reduced number of component types
  • Reduced power demand of primary power unit
  • Lossless NorrDigiTM control method

= Environmental and financial savings

Norrhydro’s NorrDigiTM system is a remarkable evolution in hydraulic technology. Unlike traditional systems it provides precise motion control without the throttling process that often wastes energy through heat dissipation. As well as incurring high fuel costs, the traditional approach requires heavy and expensive cooling systems.

With multi-chamber cylinders and an intelligent digital control system, NorrDigiTM only consumes the power required at any given moment. In lifting operation, it always optimizes the generated force and minimizes the wasted energy. In lowering motion, most of the potential energy is recovered.

  • Enables high performance energy saving motion control
  • Thanks to its multi-chamber cylinders and intelligent digital control system, NorrDigiTM only delivers the power needed at any given time
  • Optimized force production and recycling of released operation energy minimize energy loss both when lifting and adjusting a load

Energy savings up to 80 %