Energy Savings and Controllability

The NorrDigiTM intelligent motion control system enables high performance energy saving motion control. The control concept is based on optimized force production and the recycling of energy released during operation. Energy is stored and served by using pressure accumulators. The main benefit compared to other well-known control concepts is that controllability is based on force production and energy storage instead of throttle control and heat production.

The energy to perform a required motion is always guided straight from the accumulators to the actuators, to provide the desired force and/or velocity response immediately. When decelerating or lowering a load, energy is taken from the actuator and returned immediately to the accumulators. Accurate control and the optimizing of the amount of recovered and/or consumed energy are provided at all times, even under changing environmental factors and aging components.

- - - phase-model.gifHere is an example of a simple loading cycle:

  • Phase 1, the load mass is lifted with the boom from the ground to a height of 4 meters to overpass the walls of the load space.
  • Phase 2, the load mass is lowered to a height of 2 meters inside the load space, and then logs are dropped to load space.
  • Phase 3, the boom is lifted to 4 meters to overpass the walls of the load space again.
  • Phase 4, the boom is finally returned to ground.