Oct 31 2016 - News

Norrhydro’s expertise receives award at Kasvu Open 2016 competition

Finland’s largest company competition, Kasvu Open, brings together the country’s most experienced business-life professionals and 349 hungry growth companies. Norrhydro advanced from a superb group to the final of the best eight companies, and in the end took an honourable mention in the closely fought Start again company series.

According to CFO Yrjö Trög, the recognition is a great indication of the good work, passion and commitment of the entire personnel.– Placing so highly in such a high-level competition tells us that our strategy is simply working. We have always done business believing that we succeed if our customers succeed. In recent years, we have been able to grow our business operations in both Finland and international markets, and it looks like we will follow the same direction in the future.

The Kasvu Open panel of judges summed up Norrhydro’s expertise and attitude very well: Norrhydro is a company that combines intelligence with hydraulics. The company has technically good products and a patented innovation with which it has attracted several significant customers. Norrhydro’s value promise “We do it better than the rest” also convinces.

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