Norrhydro Oy's mission

The objective is to solve transmission problems in machines and equipment in a customer-oriented and ecological way. This is accomplished by manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and energy-saving hydraulic systems that are based on intelligent motion control as well as related services. The company's operations are profitable. In its operations, the company takes into consideration the customer's own competitiveness, personnel well-being and favorable development of owner value

Values guiding the operations

The values that guide our operations are listening to customers, the will to develop and renew ourselves, enthusiasm for achievement, and doing things together.

Listening to customers

Our customers' success is our objective. We work for and with them to ensure that our solutions exceed their expectations. We stand by them throughout the life cycles of our products and services. We involve our network partners in developing our operations. User-friendliness and environmental friendliness are important objectives in our operations. We look after the safety of the end users of our equipment.

Our high level of customer satisfaction reinforces our personnel's understanding and experience of the importance and meaningfulness of our work, helps to raise our job satisfaction levels and motivates us to always improve our customer service.

Will to develop and renew ourselves

We are open to new ideas. We have a burning desire to fulfill our dreams and the courage to see opportunities in the future. We continuously examine the world around us and develop ourselves, our competence and technology in order to further refine our operating models.

Enthusiasm for achievement

We keep our promises. Our strength lies in swiftly realizing new ideas and a burning desire to provide quality that the customer is satisfied with. We welcome even tough challenges and are proud of our ability to take them on.

Doing things together

It is only by doing things together that we can succeed- In completing our tasks, we utilize all knowledge and skills possessed by the company. We will further develop our team-working ability. We encourage every employee to share their ideas and knowledge with others. We show trust and respect for each other and give and receive recognition for good work. Our behavior is dictated by the highest ethical principles.

We comply with the laws, standards and instructions governing our work. We work to increase welfare in our region. We promote environmentally responsible actions in our own and our stakeholders operations and work economically and with a view to the future.

Each member of the work community bears personal responsibility for the community's well-being and for the atmosphere of trust.